Trial of the Sun Queen (Artefacts of Ouranos)

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Trial of the Sun Queen (Artefacts of Ouranos)

Trial of the Sun Queen (Artefacts of Ouranos)

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I can see the author tried to put the “surprise” aspect at the end with the “twist”🙄 but no it’s so predictable and I’m just so glad I finally finished it😭 so she nearly drowned and died. but king chose her to kiss right after she gained consciousness. i didn’t believe him. he had ulterior motives. he’s tamlin and i was waiting for rhysand. he did have ulterior motives. When a surprise release finds her in the hands of the Sun King, Lor is thrust into the spotlight when she competes against nine other Tributes for the role of queen. If she wins his heart, she'll earn her freedom and finally get her revenge. This is the first book in a NA fantasy romance where we follow Lor, a young woman who has lived for most of her life in the murky depths of the notorious Nostraza prison. Everyday is a fight for survival in the prisons harsh life conditions, but at least she has her siblings with her. When she is once again sent to the solitary hole for punishment, where starvation and death by lurking creatures is a very likely possibility, the unexpected happens. if atlas was master of illusion i wondered if he made his super fancy appearance and in reality he’s very repulsive like his personality (the truth about which we will learn only later🙄🙄🙄 we indeed learned it later). he was sleazy with his complements, they had bad aftertaste.

Our fmc LOR is kidnapped and thrown into the deadly Sun Queen trial where she competes with other tributes to become the queen. Lor is a prisoner in the Aurora Kingdom where she lived for years. Lor is very, very determined and strong headed. She will fight anyone ( literally, the amount of hair pulling and punches thrown by her🫢) who disrespect her, BUT she will also fight tooth and nail to protect her loved ones.The storyline is very unreasonable, unreliable, and nonexistent in the world building. Also mind you this book claims to have "The Hunger Games" but bro what even is the game here? One of the challenges is a random fun fact quiz what is this? Who wants to be a Millionaire?😬 Don’t worry, Lor. I am giving due attention to all the Tributes, as is my duty. But I am only a male and I am searching for my queen. I’m allowed to have my favorites.'' i was getting TOG vibes. prison, cruel ruler, deadly competition, always there guard, secretly not a plain human but a long lost queen.

I’m unsure if this is a debut by the author or not, but there’s a definite unpolished and stilted quality to the character development and the dialogue was cliche and made me cringe way too often. The obvious villains and heroes of the book kind of fell flat because they were caricatures instead of truly fleshed out characters that would make me want to learn more about them. Like I said, I’ve read them five or more times in the past. I’m drawn to this Fae whenever he’s in the room. He’s a flower and I’m a bee searching for nectar.” Lor is a sassy, take-no-shit FMC and she frequently is speaking her mind. That said, she also knows when it's probably best to keep her mouth shut. By being her most authentic self, she finds herself alienated in the beginning until the other women (only a few) start to realize that she's not a diseased street rat but rather a woman just desperately needing connections. Her tentative friendships with some of these women bring out her protective instincts and she earns even more respect as she goes out of her way to save some of them a few times. While she definitely still has her main adversaries, she gains the general respect of most of the women throughout the trials. Point blank -- if you're going to set up a plot point in which a character is regularly subjected to physical and sexual abuse and coercion by all the men in her life and is bullied and manipulated into caring about people or giving them favors because they "love" her and she's "special," you CANNOT leave it hanging and not do anything with it.In terms of the MMC, 🤡😭- I don't even want to think about how disappointing he was. He was just as bland as they come, and truly made me question so many things. He couldn't even do his reveals right 💀.

The singular thing I think worked very well in this book's favor is that it is a good example of consistently raising stakes and consequences throughout. I see so many books that are honestly a let down because the stakes fail to raise or there fails to be believable consequences for actions or things that happen to the characters. But I can honestly say that there were some pretty decent twists and stakes elevation going on in this book. Which I was super happy about while I was reading it. But, with every answer we get, we end up with more questions along the way. There are hints dropped, clues provided, and easter eggs mentioned and I can only draw my own conclusions about what the author is trying to foreshadow. Some of them seem kind of obvious because they're repetitive, but I'm still not sure where she is going with this. I think it will be a very satisfying story once all of the pieces are put together... While I wouldn't classify this as having a cliffhanger, there are some major developments that occur in the last few chapters. I also don't really count the epilogue as an epilogue because it happens a few hours or days (not very clear) after the final chapter ends and gives us some more reassurance to our FMC's safety so my anxiety has been alleviated for the most part. But that said, overall I really enjoyed this story and am looking forward to book 2 (projected early 2023) and will be reading it as soon as I am able to!! Thank you, Lor. One thing I’ve always hoped for in a bonded partner is someone who can make me become a better version of the Fae I am.” i wanted fmc to doubt the king. to not to fall under his charm. i wanted her to use him for her own gain.

I really enjoyed the beginning of the book, and truly had high hopes for this, but the more that I read, the more underwhelmed I became. i cringed every time atlas was in the scene. maybe it was me but his every remark felt condescending.

He tells me of the forgotten realm of Heart and its fallen queen. Its lost Artefact—a crown with a blood-red stone.” I hate that general information about the h's time in prison, was never truly explained or developed, as that's what made me really enjoy it in the beginning- that darker undertone that really set the scene. We have the Sun King Atlas. He's a stunning and kind high fae who's drawn to Lor right from the beginning. His words are sweet, and his actions are SWOONworthy and panty dropping 🫳 He's very genuine. Or is he? But Lor doesn't belong in the Sun Queen Trials. She doesn't understand why she was freed, and she isn't a citizen of the Sun King's court. The other Tributes resent her presence and will stop at nothing to ensure Lor is wiped off the gameboard, permanently.didn’t mag or healers question her prison brand on her shoulder? or was it normal for some umbra citizen to have those? The plot was so intriguing that I couldn't stop reading! I had to find out what was the truth behind the Trials and Atlas. Everything is very mysterious and the author drops little clues then and there... Atlas gives me King Midas's vibes, golden and yet hiding many secrets. The real love interest is not clear, but I have a suspicion... 😏 Tropes: new adult/adult fantasy, bride trials, day/night kingdom feud, hidden identity, rags to riches (kind of), slow burn

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