Guerlain Cologne L'Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette Spray For Him, 100 ml

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Guerlain Cologne L'Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette Spray For Him, 100 ml

Guerlain Cologne L'Homme Ideal Eau de Toilette Spray For Him, 100 ml

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After I have now already virtually all Hommes Idéales know- and mostly also appreciate, and although they look like the Power Rangers lined up next to each other in the bathroom shelf, I would like to complete my statement to the green but still with a few words. Overall, I think L’Homme Ideal is great. It is one of my favorites from the batch of around 40 or so samples that I recently got. The longevity could be better but aside from that, it smells fantastic, and is very well put together. I put me at this point something out of the window and claim that this fragrance is a hybrid of L'Homme Idéal Cologne and Guerlain Homme Eau de Parfum, although the influence of the latter appears significantly lower, but in my opinion quite present.

The almond does not come alone, but accompanied by the "aquatic notes". Don't worry, because these notes are subtle and at least they don't wake up a shower gel feeling in me. One thing that I really enjoy about this gourmand fragrance, is the inclusion of the citrus notes. They are never overpowering or brought out as the main attraction in this cologne, but they do provide an energy, and a change of pace from the rest of the composition. One could say that there is now a L'Homme Ideal for almost every taste. For the lovers* of food leftovers in fragrances, the EdT, EdP and Intense (of varying intensity), for the lovers* of bright, cologne-like variants Cologne and Cool. It would be a shame, however, if Cologne were to be permanently removed from the programme in favour of Cool. For me, Cologne is still clearly the best and perhaps only outstanding variant. Releasing a heavy fragrance as a fresher summer variant has been in vogue for several years now. I have to say: I like heavy DNA's in a slightly fresher robe, like Spicebomb, La Nuit de L'Homme, Code, Dior Homme and some more. Converting such DNA's into summer scents isn't even that easy. However, I find such scents great for milder summer days and summer evenings/nights without the great heat. So it is with great satisfaction that I appraise my empty 50ml (quite nice) bottle of Guerlain L'Homme Ideal Cologne, and bid it a long overdue farewell.All in all, a favorite of the series has emerged very surprisingly for me, which I smiled at until two weeks ago - but which I will wear gladly in the coming warm months, when I feel like summer refreshment without a cool lemon. The problem is that the base of the Cool is rather weak and transparent. No part of the base note gives the mint / almond weight. I wonder why musk was not used here either, to emphasize the almond and mint and keep it alive longer. It's almost like when an author hasn't thought up a good/logical ending. I’ve been wearing this here in June, after the official start of summer, but it’s not really built for the hot days outside. It’s fine at night when it cools off a bit, but L’Homme Ideal would excel during the colder months of the year, like a lot of fragrances seem to do. If you're interested in a summer Guerlain, go with Vetiver/Vetiver Extreme, Homme L'Eau Boisee, or even L'Homme Ideal Cool, which I think is a lot better than Cologne, if not earth shattering.

Cherry and almond are the stars of EDP early on. The sweet warmth is very attractive, with some very light spiciness and other notes, like leather and vanilla. It’s not too sugary sweet or overwhelming with its sillage, just a nice balance, and a pretty similar aroma at times to L’Intense. In the search for my perfect mint fragrance I also came across this "cool" one, which should replace the ever-popular L'Homme Idéal Cologne from the L'Homme Ideal series. Why Guerlain has made this step, I can not really understand, because I like the Cologne very much, but obviously it was probably due to poor sales figures. Trust me, this isn’t a scent you want to project massively anyway. Since it’s syrupy and dense, the current performance fits the profile well, and restrains it from becoming too overbearing. It Has Underrated Versatility First of all, this is an EDT. A Cologne concept was also rather less implemented here. When I think of a cologne, I think of a fragrance that is easy to wear without a lot of bells and whistles. A fragrance that accompanies uncomplicatedly, especially at very warm and hot temperatures. Often a short refreshment with little performance. This is less true for this fragrance, even if it is not unsuitable for summer. Basically, I am sceptical about all the fragrances in the L'Homme Ideal range. EdT as well as EdP and Intense were much too almond sweet for me. Gourmands are actually a horror to me, even though I have to admit that Guerlain did not succeed badly in this case. I find the sport variant completely accidental and leave it out of consideration for further considerationsIdeal Extreme-At times, Extreme has been my favorite. But, less so this time around testing out these fragrances. Though, it may again claim the top spot. This one gets me a ton of leather versus the others. Notes include: almond, citrus , leather, tonka bean, bitter orange, orange blossom, vetiver, and cedar Jean-Paul Guerlain is the grandson of Jacques Guerlain. He first assisted, and then created his first "solo" offering, the now-famous Vetiver (1959). His other well-known creations include Habit Rouge, Chamade, Eau de Guerlain and Nahema. The citrus is fresh and reminds me somewhat of the Cologne version of Ideal, but this one still stays in more of a nutty/leathery mode, in totality. I think this is a good Wasser creation, it exemplifies his Swiss precision. It doesn't have the bombast or excitement of something from Jean Paul Guerlain and I've had a hard time accepting that. It's a bit like your favourite band putting out a very different sounding record and changing their style over time. Guerlain today simply isn't Guerlain of old.

This one was a great summertime option. The focus here is going to be on the citrus notes, such as: grapefruit, bergamot, and orange. The Ideal almond note, plays a lesser role with Cologne, especially early on. But, it will come around with a nice vetiver. The bottle is pretty and in summery white. Guerlain is always very stylish and noble when it comes to flacon design.Extreme is actually pretty similar to the others, with the standard nutty almond note, but paired with fruity notes such as plum. Quite tart to me, rather than sweet, early on. Add to that, Ideal Extreme has spicy notes and a tobacco finish. Still dry fruity sweet, but not overly sugary or unbearable. I get a smooth and creamy blend during the final stages, that is peppered with some rosemary herbal spice. Leather, tonka bean, and almond with a fresh base of cedar and cool vetiver. When L’Homme Ideal is performing well, it is a fantastic smelling cologne. It doesn’t have the type of scent profile you’d expect to be versatile. I mean, it contains cherry and leather after all. Being a persistent guy I tried the flankers but always have been disappointed by that same dam cherry/wood accord being in all of them, I suppose as it should be, and I shouldn't have been surprised. But then it was Turin's review of Cologne in the more recent 2018 guide that caught my attention, he mentioned grapefruit and vetiver as the main accord and so recently I took a punt and got a 50ml FB blind, slightly worried that I'll be put off by the vetiver or it having that original accord.

Even the L'Homme part of the name is misleading, I think this could easily be worn by women, the assistant at the Guerlain counter said his colleague and her boyfriend share a bottle. I'd say it sits ever so slightly to the masculine side of unisex but that's only by today's generalisations.

I mostly love fragrances that have a stable, rich, high-dose base. But it is not always easy as a perfumer to create an intense base without losing the top and heart notes or neglecting the desired effect thanks to a present base. Of course, it always depends on whether and which part of the fragrance pyramid the perfumers (have to) set as a focus. To this well-known Neroli almond, which we already found in L'Homme Idéal Cologne, joins here namely a citrus mint, which gives the overall picture a tangy, almost limonade-like, slightly sweet touch, without being cheesy and too synthetic. The DNA of the Ideal series, especially the Colognes, lives on here so noticeably. It does have a good versatility, as it’s subtle enough to wear at work yet still quite sexy and attractive to wear on a date. The more that I went through the sample, the more it grew on me, and the more complements I received.

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