Dreams of the Deadly: A Dark Mafia Romance (Massacred Dreams)

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Dreams of the Deadly: A Dark Mafia Romance (Massacred Dreams)

Dreams of the Deadly: A Dark Mafia Romance (Massacred Dreams)

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Isa has been living a life of regret and has spent her time trying to come to terms with something that happened years ago. A tragic accident with her twin sister Odina has left their relationship broken and from that moment on, Odinas hatred for Isa only escalates over the years.

So basically, to wed them and breed them. To create the next generation of Leaders in their families There was potential and to be honest, I was quite into it when the story began, showing how the two main characters met. Once they became adult, it seemed to me that their connection lost some of its depth. There was no passion or anything that really made me root for them. Something else that was kind of a miss for me was how the author didn't develop around Neri's diary ( Thalia's mother). We never get to know what secrets was in it. My guess is that it will play a part in the second book but I mean, I think the author missed her opportunity here to build an intrigue around the diary. And I can tell for sure that if she'd done that here, I would actually be looking forward to the next book. Calix and Thalia were meant to be together since they were young, he was her protector until he wasn’t anymore. E wasn’t there to save her when she needed him. Years later, his unexpected return surprised Thalia. can you forgive him they leave From the start we see Rafe is obsessed. He sees her and knows she is his but she’s only 16yr so he sets people in her life to watch a protect her -since he is a powerful man in the underworld- while he sets his plans for their future together in motion over the next 16months. I mean he waits for her sexually! 🥰😍💕 swoon. He doesn’t even look at another woman after setting eyes on her and that sets the tone for his absolute dedication to her for the rest of the book. I loved this beyond word.Rafael is a bad man and don't expect that to change once he finds love. Nope. He doesn't change and many of the things he does will surely fall into Villains category. He is a Mafia Boss, cold and uncaring. He is a King and a powerful one that has no qualms of using any means necessary to get what he wants. As soon as he sights Isa he decides that he will do anything and everything to get her in his clutches. He will do everything to protect and shelter her until the time comes for him to collect his prize. Isa- she’s living in her self made cage since she was 5 yrs old cause of an incident that happened and changed her whole life. She lives to please her very unappreciative family. And is basically not really living at all. Her twin sister is the worst person ever. The Greek references have really got me intrigued on how this story is going to forward. Hopefully she writes it soon!

This ends on a cliffhanger but not a terribly bad one and this also contains the prequel to their story that follows the years that Calix was taken from Thalia and the abuse she survived at the hands of her family. If you’ve read Forrest before, then you know her stories contain triggering content for some and her alpha males are anti-heroes. I would consider this to be on the more lighter side of her darker romances. If you love dirty talking alpha males who apologize for nothing and heroines that will leave a mark, then definitely give this a try! Rafael is something else. I can’t say he makes it onto my list of book boyfriends because he was slightly too unhinged for my tastes. He’s a character who really made it difficult to like him. Every time I thought he was winning me over he did something crazy and it put me off again. That being said at no point in this book was I not rooting for Rafe and Isa to sort through their issues and have their HEA. While some of his actions were brutal it is very clear that he loves Isa but he just doesn’t know how to show it.Dreams of the Vengeful is the introduction/prequel to the Massacred Dreams Series having as protagonists Calix Regas and Thalia Karras, born in two families of a Greek criminal syndicate in Philadelphia. Rafael, el Diablo – the man we love to hate – spotted Isa in Chicago when she was only 17. He waits 16 months to introduce himself to her… When he does, it’s under a guise – she’s concerned he has a wife somewhere when she should really be concerned about the kind of man he is. He’s so much – I cannot find the words to describe him – he’s misogynistic, horrible, terrible, no good, very very BAD. But, the way he loves, the way he helps Isa to grow, his “Rafe” side, you can’t help but fall for him. This is the compete Beauty in Lies Series in one boxset. It includes Until Tomorrow Comes, Until Forever Ends, Until Retribution Burns, Until Death Do Us Part. This is a dark mafia romance and you need to heed the warning in the beginning of the book because it will contain triggers for some readers. He has always been protective of her ever since the agreement was signed when he was 13 and Thalia was 5 for them to marry – however it is noted multiple times he does not have any sexual/imitate feelings for her until she is of age. My obsession with Isa started with a single glance. From that first moment standing on the streets of Chicago in the midst of a Bellandi war, she consumed me. Owned me, without ever setting eyes on me herself. I protected her, waiting for the day when she would be mine. No matter what it takes, no matter what illusions I must show her, she will be my wife. Mi Reina was born to rule at my side. I'll just have to break her first.

Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Libra Goodreads Librarians are volunteers who help ensure the accuracy of information about books and authors in the Goodreads' catalog. The Goodreads Librarians Group is the official group for requesting additions or updates to the catalog, including: After receiving her degree in Psychology, Adelaide went on to work in a therapeutic riding facility. When her daughter was born, Adelaide traded out her boots to be a stay-at-home mom. In 2019, she added author to those job duties after a lifetime of dreaming about it. Heroine: Isa is a sweet naive young woman from Chicago who dedicates her life to overcompensating for a mistake in her past by going above and beyond to be the perfect daughter, something that her twin sister resents her for. Isa’s priorities change when she meets Rafael who teaches her to embrace all that she is, especially her dark side that she has spent all her life suppressing. And Calix is all that I love from a mafia leading man- only a bit swoonier. His undying and lifelong obsession…err, devotion….with Thalia is so epically romantic. Well, could be a bit creepy if you think about how early it started- but again, the past does a lot of service here in establishing the wholesomeness of their earlier years. But his obsession has evolved into something carnal and possessive. He’s not a gentle man, he’s a ruthless survivor, but he is a goner for his lady, even if he’s unwilling to protect her from his own darkness. Good thing, because she relishes it. And their shared quest for vengeance unites them in powerful ways.The author makes you love Rafe from the start. He is so dedicated to her it’s twisted in a beautiful way. He wants her to love him and tries to swoon her and when she doesn’t choose him he takes her anyways. I mean, he does try to give her a choice 😅. It’s official, Adelaide Forrest is my favorite mafia romance author, this book was everything you could ever want in a mafia romance. Angst, spice, family drama, tension, and bloodshed, it has it all. The way their relationship stared was unique and unusual. And was wondering how the author would manage to make them evolve into the adult-version where we can get the Romance and all the good stuff.

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