Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

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Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

Nightwing 1: Leaping into the Light

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What interested me in this new run, was them going back to basics, with Dick being back in Bludhaven, Blockbuster has taken over city hall and runs everything behind the scenes. He has matured into someone more than Nathan's former sidekick into a fully formed character of his own, whilst still honouring the origins of the story we know and love. It’s not a badly-written book, it’s just mostly very easy to put down because nothing that gripping is happening - until that final chapter, which has a great scene where Dick escapes Blockbuster and takes down an attack copter. Dick Grayson has had a lot of changes over the last few years, as he was a secret agent at one point, to then being shot in the head and becoming Rick, which is a run I'd like to forget ever happened. Dick’s complaint about not wanting to just “punch bad guys” is a common retort thrown by people who don’t like superhero comics, or by characters who don’t like vigilantes.

And the overall storyline introduced here is interesting as well and ties into Nightwing’s arch-enemy Blockbuster and Dick’s tragic past. As part of his will, Alfred, who was secretly a billionaire, would give his fortune to Dick following his death.Plus without spoiling them, those few moments where Batman actually shows up are terrific and speak to the strain on the love between them. I haven't been interested in keeping up with DC lately, but this is one title that I'm glad I didn't miss out on. But protecting Blüdhaven is no small task, especially now that it's being menaced by Nightwing's most terrifying foe yet-a mysterious and murderous villain with a penchant for stealing his victim's hearts, known only as Heartless. It’s an important message to deliver and more importantly, a major key to what makes Dick Grayson who he is.

And Batman and Babs get all misty-eyed that he is going to help the city by creating a philanthropic foundation for the poor.

Dick Grayson’s big heart has protected those persecuted by bullies in his youth, combated evil alongside Batman as Robin, and pledged his newly inherited wealth to enriching Bludhaven as Nightwing. Nightwing has had a rough couple of years with Ric so it was beyond nice to see him finally get a good run if not one of the best runs he’s had in a long time. The six issues within this trade don’t add up to a satisfying conclusion, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t satisfaction in seeing Dick assess a problem and figure out a way to fix it that doesn’t rely on brute force. A special shoutout to Redondo’s front covers for single issues that more than simple superhero poses, such as one featuring Nightwing chilling with Robin, as well one that is a deliberate nod to Batman ‘66. This is why Dick’s new struggle of inheriting vast wealth is an equally intriguing and troublesome angle.

He, too, doesn’t have much to do in this first volume, and this is really the only true problem I have with the arc. Nightwing has to get to the bottom of this Heartless character whilst also snooping on the new mayor Zucco, but the info he’s going to find is the last thing he’d expect.

The trouble is Bludhaven is no longer in the gangsters back pocket they see officially are the city. All the good things you hear about this book are true, and I couldn’t recommend it more for anyone looking for a great current run. This arc is about a man given an opportunity to fix a problem in a way he hasn’t tried before and figuring out how best to do it.

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