Gale Force Nine GFN225084US Firefly The Game

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Gale Force Nine GFN225084US Firefly The Game

Gale Force Nine GFN225084US Firefly The Game

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Facebook / Instagram: We use conversion tracking from Facebook including Instagram to help us understand how effective campaigns are from Facebook. As a major fan of the TV series and reader of the comics the fact that this board game so wonderfully manages to turn the show’s themes and ideas into gameplay mechanics amazes me, and exponentially increases the pleasure I derive from playing it. Harkin tends to be only good as a first job before hiring any crew, and even then only if it is a one-stop job close to where you start. Firefly is one of these games, which you can easily overlook, but once you have played it, you don’t want to miss it anymore. If you want to spend a couple of hours adventuring and don’t want to agonize over tough decisions, this is the game for you.

I think we also need to look at a way to hold the tokens other than baggies, as that might help with its ease of use during actual gameplay. Its no fun to watch others do that when you are barely staying afloat in the safer, less lucrative corners of the board. The Reaver Nav deck contains double the amount of cards that allow other players to move the Reaver Cutter around the board, but you only have to deal with that problem should you begin your turn in the same sector as the Reavers, generally giving you a good chance of making an escape. Story cards provide narrative context, or at least an excuse to qoute the show and wave a toy pistol around. That whole damn ‘verse is depicted on a new neoprene mat, with custom ship dice also among the upgrades.The board itself is 3x2ft, plus there’s the 13 decks of cards (each needs double the space) that must be placed around it along with each player’s ship card, captain, crew, gear, jobs and money, making this one hell of a space hog, something which anyone living in a relatively small house or flat may wish to keep in mind. You’ll not often bump into each other when playing and even if you do, there’s not much you can do to actually affect each other’s gameplay. It’s a small thing, but the inclusion of these, plus some general tips for new players, would have helped make the initial few games a bit smoother for all involved. You are certainly not playing a multi-player solitaire game, as you need to be very aware of your opponents’ actions and intentions. To get some fancy gear, though, you’ll need a good chunk of cash, and to get that you’ll need a crew with which to work the biggest jobs, and to get them you’ll need to head to the various planets in the ‘verse and keep your eyes open.

For the most part the element of chance works well in conjunction with the other mechanics, and choosing to tool up can help minimise the risks, but there are a few brutal cards located within the game that can deal major blows, setting players back quite a bit, and in some cases effectively taking them out of contention. Should you happen to acquire a warrant while working a job, though, you’ll lose your rep with your employer. It is far from feeling like a fiddly game most of the time, but there are a lot of things that go into both the set-up and the gameplay.The game board is thick and looks lovely, while the ship models that you’ll be using are nicely detailed replicas, although more dedicated fans might wish to break out some model paint and give them a quick sprucing up for some added authenticity.

So the profit for the job can be used up very quickly and in the end there is not much left if you take too many people with you to be on the safe side. A Legal ship (no warrants, no wanted crew, no fugitives, no contraband) can fly through the Alliance Cruiser or Operative's Corvette sector and not be stopped. Items such as the Horses and even the standard guns tend to get overlooked in favor of the more costly, but more useful, versions.If they are, you’re probably best served waiting to draw more job cards next turn and hope for better luck. To complete the goals listed you’re going to need cash, a skilled crew to pull it all off and perhaps even some fancy gear to help you get out of a tight situation.

On the opposite end of the spectrum somebody like Niska tends to offer jobs with huge payouts that are definitely illegal, often completely immoral and that require a heavily outfitted crew to complete. Having recently played Star Wars: Outer Rim (Fantasy Flight Games, 2019) it is inevitable to make comparisons between these “space western” games.So let me first be clear about how this review and the final score will work: I’m reviewing the game as an entire package, and that includes how well it ties the license in with its mechanics, ergo the score at the end is based on this fact. That kind of knowledge mitigates the randomness somewhat, but ultimately the game still often comes down to the luck of the draw. The first thing that becomes immediately apparent is that the game oozes quality from every component. There is some sense of luck involved, both in the flipping of cards while flying through the ‘Verse and in the roll of a dice while completing cards from the Misbehave deck, but many of those can be mitigated with the right combination of crew, ship upgrades, and items.

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