Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider)

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In fact, the guy seems too good to be true: a champion-caliber boxer with a career-ending injury, a botched plastic surgery job to fix his face, a fortune earned in property development only to be caught in an insurance scam and sent to jail, a conversion to Christianity while in jail, even becoming a pastor, and finally founding a charity for the purpose of quickly responding to crisis areas around the globe. The bad guys stopped Alex on his way to school, chopped his hair up, stuck him in a wheel chair, chucked some ugly glasses on him, and drugged him just enough so that he’s paralyzed, his mouth is hanging open, and acting all brain damaged. I’m plowing through them at a rate of one a month this year so, since it is August, this must be the eighth book in the series.

but alas, Im stuck with a different plot but the same exact concept as most of the books in this series. The man seems startled when he later comes upon Alex and his friend's father discussing his homework about GM crops. Alex has actually had a couple of months respite since his last mission in Australia ( Snakehead) and he’s beginning to think he may have finally put his relationship with MI-6 in the past. If it was written for older readers it would also have to deal with the effect on a fourteen year old boy of the traumatic events to which he is subjected.

Alex doesn't want to carry out any more missions for MI6, but is forced to when a rogue journalist comes after him threatening to expose Alex and ruin any chance he has of a normal life. I liked all of Alex's near-death experiences in this volume, particularly because it would be SUPER hard to survive them. How is he able to afford so many family vacations (every time we're introduced to his family, they are on a vacation), and take along a boy who is a friend of his daughter's for most of them? When Alex leaves shortly afterwards in the company of his friend and her father, their car suffers an 'accident' which is nearly fatal. This is definitely going to be a new and unique series that I can probably relate to from when I was a kid.

You do not go barging into people’s houses and threaten to reveal all their dirty little secrets, especially if said people have been known to land other people in the hospital. Cool fight involving a gun, the same yucky mushroom soup, barrels of leaded oil, and a leftover explosive that Alex hadn’t used on his mission in the GM foods place, and then boom.

At least, that's my version of events and that's what counts here because, very unusually, I actually appear in the book as his not entirely successful sidekick; the Watson to his Holmes. Alex is now killing henchmen left and right and nothing is ever said about how the violence is affecting him. I love when Smithers takes the stage, because it's quite a lot like dealing with Q in the lab in one of the James Bond films. Alex is flown, under the guise of a severely brain-damaged sixteen-year-old, to the disused Simba Camp in Kenya, which McCain owns. It's so hard to believe to find out Alex is only just about to turn 15 after there being 7 other books and it's crazy to believe this storyline is only set over the course of a year, it just goes to show how much one 14 year old has gone through.

Alex has come up with some clever ways on how he gets out of situations and i'm always surprised when he does because so many of these situations are impossible to get out of but Alex always does. But here I am, writing a book in which I have no idea what's going on, following in the footsteps of a character who refuses to tell me anything. The next day, Bennett takes Alex out in a Piper J-3 Cub crop duster and makes him apply the contents of the plane over the fields.Anyway, I bet you anything the only reason he hadn't stolen it was because it was much too heavy and useless for lil brat, being a complicated piece of machinery. Even though they are marketed as YA (and I am a little bit older than that, perhaps even considered OA), they are a delight to read. Kerana ingin mengekang identitinya sebagai agen MI6 terbongkar Alex terpaksa meminta pertolongan daripada Blunt. Rahim explains that he is an Indian RAW operative attempting to exact revenge on McCain for what he did in the power plant.

Plot: Alex is trying to live a normal life away from MI6 after telling them once again that he didn't want to be used again by them at the end of book seven. But as I grew older (and my original audience entered their twenties) I felt a need to move into adult writing. There he spots Desmond McCain, a high profile charity organizer, who realizes that Alex is on to him and the real plans for the money he's raising. Just as McCain is about to shoot him, Alex uses a leaking petrol drum and a gelignite pen to initiate an explosion that sets McCain on fire, burning him to death.The author use informal diction here mostly because of the reputation of the series and to help readers connect easier with the character Alex who is 14, which is about the young adults age. When i think there really couldn't be any more you could throw at Alex and continue this series Anthony finds another way to extend this story even more. Anthony Horrowitz also loves to use syntax throughout his book to excite and rush readers which is crucial to a book like this such as the quote, "If he fell! When Rahim passes out due to sickness, Alex takes it upon himself to message RAW and MI6 and then destroy the crops, while the new Prime Ministersummons Blunt and Mrs Jones to a meeting at 10 Downing Street to discuss Alex's message and authorising an Royal Air Force attack on the fields, as well as telling Blunt that he cannot use Alex any more. Investigating, he comes across a mock-up of a dead African village (which is later revealed to be where McCain and co.

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