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American Psycho

American Psycho

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If you enjoyed the description of the women’s clothes in the paragraph above, you’re in luck, because there are literally hundreds more passages pretty much exactly like it. By this, he just means Twitter, which he believes to be governed by an authoritarian conformism out to suppress true free speech. As the narrative goes on, you realize that we are seeing the world through Patrick’s “distorted” lens and this focus on brands is simply a result of Patrick’s twisted world view. The Toronto Sun reported that Bernardo "read it as his 'bible '", [36] [37] though it turned out it actually belonged to his wife and accomplice Karla Homolka; it is unlikely Bernardo ever read it.

No further comment is made about the scene and it is only after many more similar occurrences that you begin to get the “picture” that is being portrayed. Although mostly cut in the film (briefly shown in a few scenes from the movie), Bateman has contradictory views from what he attempts to portray to others, like racism and especially sexism. The novel opens with a sign scrawled above a New York subway station: "Abandon hope all ye who enter". During the trial of Canadian serial killer Paul Bernardo, a copy was discovered in Bernardo's bedroom. The lengthy scenes of flatly described sex, commonly with two women at once, read like pornographic figments.

Following several increasingly metafictional novels and a few bad screenplays, White is Ellis’s first foray into nonfiction, and the result is less a series of glorified, padded-out blog posts than a series of regular, normal-size blog posts.

He frequently confuses his finance buddies for one another (and is in turn frequently mistaken by them).Author Bret Easton Ellis is setting the stage: The transition between verbal and physical violence will be seamless. At a restaurant on Beverly Boulevard, this woman explodes “into a spastic rage” and accuses Ellis of “white male privilege” when he casually suggests that Black Lives Matter has a PR problem. His murders become increasingly sadistic and complex, progressing from simple stabbings to drawn-out sequences of rape, torture, mutilation, cannibalism, and necrophilia, and his grasp on sanity begins to slip. Bateman's epistemology and ethics in regards to his actions and way of thinking throughout the novel is a reflection, through his violence, which raises the questions of the moral and ethical understanding of all individuals in Bateman's position and status, and how they might act and think similar or completely identical in a consumer world built on capitalism as people see in today's American society. On the one hand is a rich Wall Street banker, Bateman, concerned and very self-conscious about every detail of his physical appearance, expensive possessions, and control of the people and the world around him.

There is a lack of detail with Bateman in this image, we only have a silhouette which could represent that he’s out of touch with normality, and has lost touch with himself. In a 2014 appearance on the WTF with Marc Maron podcast, Ellis stated that Bateman's narration was so unreliable that even he, as the author of the book, did not know if Bateman was honestly describing events that actually happened or if he was lying or even hallucinating. It is perfectly acceptable to bitch and moan about how the mean people didn’t like your good tweets, but there is a time and a place for such behavior, and it is not the offices of Alfred A.Cinephilia, as we know from science, is a progressive disease for which there is no cure, but Bret Easton Ellis is taking it like a champ.

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